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Rob Stone, LMFT
licensed  marriage & family  therapist  #13610
Avenue San Luis     Woodland Hills,  CA  91364

Relationship counseling:
Most  of  the   time  you  just  want  to   enjoy  life  with  your  loved  ones. 
But, with all the decisions and plans you must make together, invariably opinions will differ and conflicts will develop.
Learning effective communication skills increases your ability to successfully resolve these conflicts.  You will learn to listen patiently, to speak respectfully, to think creatively, to negotiate reasonably, and to compromise occasionally, so everyone knows their feelings and ideas will be considered before a final decision is made.
Individual therapy
While we can't change painful situations from your past, we definitely can work together to better understand their impact upon you. By employing various therapeutic approaches and techniques we will discover self-defeating patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving which may be holding you back and you will learn more effective attitudes, responses and communication styles which will help you to achieve your goals and have a more fulfilling and meaningful life.
Clinical Hypnotherapy
When it comes to treating anxiety disorders, phobias, mentally preparing for a speaking engagement, a bowling match, a big test or an important event, reducing stress, stopping overeating or smoking, curing insomnia, developing assertiveness or preparing for a job interview or a medical procedure, Suggestive Hypnotherapy can help. 
When it comes to uncoverring the roots of troubling symptoms which may stem from an early traumatic experience, Hypnotherapeutic Exploration can help.
Whether  you're  looking  for  emotional support and guidance with a challenging situation, or you're interested in learning better communication skills to handle your relationships more effectively, or you'd like to explore your past, I look forward to working with  you  to  achieve  your goals.
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